The Kitchen Pass at Common Lot

We’ve never sat so close to a proper restaurant kitchen until we ate at the “Kitchen Pass” at Common Lot. The experience can best be described as first row seats at a flawlessly choreographed ballet, if said ballet was set to the music of Cage the Elephant.

The food is sophisticated and elegant, but not in the “I’m afraid to touch this” or “where the hell is the rest of it?” sort of way. No, no, this is properly portioned sophistication and elegance. This is amazing food.

It also makes you want to jump out of your seat with delight, when the flavors of the homemade sauerkraut and perfectly crisp mushroom hit your tongue.

Or when one of the most perfect slices of duck to ever come across your plate is served, and you and the other 3 people who have joined you at “the Pass” are having the “eyes rolled back in your head” experience before all saying “Oh my God”, at nearly the same time.

There’s something about being part of that quiet energy, as the chef’s move so fluidly around the kitchen creating these gorgeous plates of food, that is both soothing and full of excitement. From every corner of the kitchen there is movement, and the assembly of each dish is a work of art, balanced in both flavor and appearance.

If you can get the reservation at the Kitchen Pass, which is worth the effort and patience to obtain, it is truly a unique experience. We could have sat there all night, glass of wine in hand, and just watched. Alas, the wine eventually ran out, and the kitchen started to slow down. This time did afford us an opportunity to talk more with the chef and rest of the crew, which only heightened our excitement to return. Outstanding food, warm and exciting atmosphere, a meal best shared with friends. That’s Common Lot, and it quickly has become one of our favorites.

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