The Heart of a Winemaker

Nick, Jean Hoefliger and Kim at the 2019 Alpha Omega ERA Event

“Enjoy the moments that truly matter, with those who matter most”

Jean Hoefliger

Every so often, you meet someone who’s energy is infectious.  Their personality blows through the door even before they wrap you up in a big hug.  It’s who they are.  As we sat in the tasting room at AXR Winery, we anticipated this energy, wrapped up in a six foot six inch frame.

To meet Jean Hoefliger is to experience him. Of course he’s a brilliant winemaker, with countless wines under his belt. But what you don’t get unless you meet him, is just how passionate he is about his craft. He breathes wine, the vines, the soil, aging and blending. It’s an endless energy, the ability to put together the words and stay just ahead of how fast his mind is moving because he loves this work. But as you talk to him, you learn quickly why this passion is so strong in him.

He knows wine is about people, it’s about experiences, it’s about the importance of sharing these moments with the people we love, creating memories and connecting in a way that only wine, food and shared experiences can.  

Jean is one of us.  He has a passion for life, for people, and for creating wines that will be enjoyed by future generations.  That is his purpose.  To make something that will continue to bring people together even after he and the rest of us are gone.

It’s the most noble of missions, and having spent time with him and having enjoyed his wines for years, he is succeeding in his mission and creating memories, including the memories we will hold forever thanks to the time we were able to spend with this hero of his craft.

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  1. I appreciate you sharing this with us. There is so much good energy from someone who is not only well-versed & educated in wine, but who also appreciates the process on a whole, biodynamic level.

    • Exactly, Hannah. Jean is so well rounded in wine as an industry. He’s such a lovely man.

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