I Believe

Yes kids, I believe in Santa. I’m not being silly or naive, but it is clear to me that Santa does exist. Santa is the magic that surrounds this time of year. It’s the generosity we show each other. It’s the gatherings with the people we love. It’s the feasts we share. It’s the hope and wonder in my kids’ eyes as each day moves into the next, all heading toward that magical night when they go to sleep in total excitement, and awake hours later thrilled to see wishes granted. It’s pure joy, and it can remain pure if we believe.

The idea of Santa, drawing from St. Nicholas himself nearly 2000 years ago, is what I believe in. It’s the warmth of the season, set in the coldest, darkest time of year. It’s the light in the darkness harkening back to the birth of the Christ child. It’s an idea, a state of mind. My children celebrate the season with us in the days prior to Christmas, but the magic is omnipresent. We gather with family over the course of several days, indulging around the table and sharing in the excitement. There is an overabundance of love, and the children can feel it. Sure there are gifts, but I’ve watched as they’ve grown to appreciate the look on others’ faces when they hand them gifts that they chose for the recipients. They couldn’t wait to give Kim her gift, one they chose, and to see the excitement on her face. They get it. They get the idea. They know Santa exists. The spirit of giving, of love, of family and gathering together is not lost on them.

My children learned this year about those who are less fortunate and helped select gifts for those who may not otherwise receive anything this year. They wrote out cards and were anxious to hand out gifts to the family. They made the connection, albeit in developing terms, that it’s not just about what you get. They see the light in the darkness, the joy of the season. This is powerful stuff, and Santa is a powerful energy. To understand it and appreciate it early on lays an amazingly powerful foundation for the rest of their lives.

So yes, I believe in Santa. I know Santa is real, and I see the power, wonder, and joy of Santa in all of those who surround me. I hope you feel it too. If not, I know Kim and I are happy to share it and show you that you too can believe.

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