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So here we are, ready to embark on a journey that frankly already started, but now we felt it was a good time to share the experience. This is Fat, Drunk and Fancy, and we are your guides on this culinary adventure. We (Nick and Kim) are a couple who loves good food, great drinks, and amazing experiences. So many of our times with friends and family are engrossed with discussions of dining experiences, amazing bartenders, and whatever we happen to be cooking at the time. We are most comfortable navigating the kitchen together, or scanning the wine collection for the next bottle (but nothing too good if it’s the third bottle of the night). We deliberated for quite awhile as to what direction we would take this (read: about two days), and settled on a concept taken from my younger days listening to baseball games on the radio. We’re going to paint the word picture as we review our experiences. No photos here, because we don’t want to be those people snapping pictures of every dish as it’s served, ignoring the undertaking that brought it to fruition. That’s not to say that there won’t be photos, just not here. We’ll reserve those for Instagram and Snapchat, and the other social media outlets that we can tie together. Seriously, don’t give me shit if you see a picture of a great dish out there, I think I’ve been clear on how we’re doing this.

We want to make your mouth water as you read, and pick up the phone to call (remember using phones for that?) or email these places to book your table. Some will require some planning (like four months ahead), others can be walk in. We’re going to categorize this adventure into a few distinct categories (my type-A wife loves this idea).

Dining/Drinking Experiences – Out and about, documenting our culinary travels

Business – We both travel for work, so we’ll share our favorite haunts from the road that fit the business traveler

Home & Holidays – into our kitchen you go, or the backyard if I’m grilling smoking, or deep frying (get ready for Thanksgiving kids)

Lite – While we love the name Fat, Drunk & Fancy, neither of us are aiming for the first one. So we’ll introduce those healthy (but delicious) choices at home and when we’re out and about.

Regular folks with great appetites and strong tolerances. Who’s up for this trip?

Welcome to Fat, Drunk and Fancy!

-Nick & Kim

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