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So, what is the Fat, Drunk & Fancy Dinner Club?

Fat, Drunk & Fancy is on a mission to change the world, one shared meal at a time.

We want to inspire people through food - whether it's ours or others. With food, with wine, with cocktails, there are always stories behind them and we are creating the experiences for people where those stories can be shared.

Enter, the Fat, Drunk & Fancy Dinner Club! For right now, dinner club is only local to New Jersey...but gosh, we dream of dinner clubs popping up all around the world!

Until then, we gather for dinner monthly at different restaurants, working with the chef to create a menu just for us. In most cases, our dinners are at BYO restaurants, but we see no reason to embrace the spots with a liquor license...especially if the food is good!

See what people are saying!

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