A Tale of Two Foodies

Photography by M2 Photography: http://www.m2photo.co

Fat, Drunk and Fancy.  I know what you’re thinking; this reeks of debauchery, excess and pretentiousness…aanndd you’d be wrong.  What does it mean?  We’re glad you asked.  Fat, Drunk and Fancy is about living life with no regrets.  It’s that feeling you get when you sit around the kitchen table with family and friends, sharing a fantastic food experience or amazing cocktail, where you feel free from fear, where you start to believe your dreams can and will become reality.  It’s the good hurt in your sides from laughing and the soreness in your face from smiling with the family you love.  It’s a really, REALLY good time, all without Aunt Betty’s over dramatized dental issues.  It’s who we are, a couple that lives all of this, and their stories about Fat, Drunk & Fancy will deliver some of those same good hurts.

Nick & Kim

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